It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.  – Henry David Thoreau


I see you slip by through your lies,

I read you from between the lines

I see the man, I see the boy

I see you not, through the words

you choose to say

but through the silences

you never planned

I see you in your flaws

In the innocence, you thought was lost

The thoughts, you thought

were never worth voicing

The quiet conviction

that inflates your being

I thought your armour was unbreachable,

Some people are built as such

Now I see how it disintegrates,

All it took was one kind touch

I see your light and your dark

The ghosts, their whispers

from your past

the echo of juvenile mistakes

which you swore you’d take to the grave

the things you keep

bottled up in your head

the pictures you never showed,

the words you never said

I see you in your invisible dreams

which you don’t tell them about

In case you fail to achieve

In all the melancholy

ramblings of a busy life

In those honest revelations,

in the middle of the night

In the way you move,

the clutter of two left feet

The things that move you from within

when they thought you were made of steel

I see the madness thinly veiled

The goodness that prevails

The overwhelming rage, that,

at times, evades

And the fiery soul trapped in a cage.

I see you in subtle shades of pastel

In tame shades of grey

And when you thought no one was looking

How you let golds and scarlets blaze

I see you in flashes that barely last

They may be gone, but I’ve seen enough

People are people, holes, scars and all

We love, we hurt, we break, we fall

We keep moving and never be

Don’t follow but we preach

We quit when we can’t quite reach

And I?

I’ve always looked past you

But now, I see.


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