The sun steals, gently, across the sky,
Not to startle the boy
Asleep and sprawled;
He jumps up ,wide awake, he grins,
The joke clearly on the golden ball

His naughty eyes mischievously gleam,
Much to the elements’ dismay ;
With Nature’s powers vested in his
chubby hands, he begins another day

His childish fits of anger ,
Did civilizations end;
To his whims and fancies
The laws of space and time bend

He chased after the horizon ,
Oblivious to the sheer impossibility ;
The elemental child, he was,
A force of nature, quite literally

The atmosphere, his trampoline,
Catapulted him to the poles;
He slid down the rainbow,
And landed in the pot of gold

He splashed around in the oceans,
And dried up in the breeze;
In the deadly arctic snowstorms ,
He played freeze and release

The day and night,
At his elemental cuteness cooed;
The thunder and the lightning,
Kept him rather amused

The clouds were his pillow,
On which he lay his sleepy head;
The transient mist and the fog ,
Made his cozy blanket and bed

The constellations, his ethereal canopy,
Put him in a trance;
The stars weave a heavenly harmony,
The comets put up a silly dance

The harmony morphs into
A lullaby
His eyelids start to droop;
He bids his celestial friends goodbye,
The world we know, stands still, unmoved.

At his soft snore, the elements relax,
Their baby boy was at last asleep;
They had a whole night
to wreck havoc ,
While the child was safe
In his galactic dreams.


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