It’s a thrilling world, and people really like stories about secrets, which is the essence of a spy drama.   – Andrew Scott

Caramel latte, no sugar, decaf

Laser knives, tucked in Prada straps

Raven hair, Rayban stare

Complications beneath the feisty flair

Face like sin, hair up in pins

It’s all a part of the bigger scheme of things

Calculated smiles, not past the canines

Like Tiffany diamonds, past lips of wine

Stands out if she pleases

Any time, any place

In Times square on Black Friday

But when duty calls, she’ll drop all facades

Gone with the wind, without a trace

Decisions in binary, thoughts in light

No place for mistake, all shots precise

Metal and musk, her scent’s a heady mix of both

Musk from Chanel, metal from sniper reloads

A Russian spy? With the FBI?

A lady never tells and we can’t pry

If you see her A-Class, switching lanes

Burning rubber, straight off the plane

Kill the gas and make way

She’s sinister beneath the sexy sashay

She works in the dark, flaunts in the sun

Catches the late night X-files reruns

The city of New York fooled by her easy grace

Though she can blow it up, when she drops all facades



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