Surveillance breeds conformity                            – G. Greenwald 

You can’t see us, but we’re there
Camouflaged in thin air
You walk past us in the corridors,
Beside us in the halls
Your charades don’t fool us dear,
We see you through glasswalls
We see the way you blush,
When he talks to you in class
Watch you like a hawk,
Noses pressed to the glass
Pass cruel judgements,
Mean, snide, remarks
You see we’re possessive
Of what’s ours
Beneath our casual talks
Lie silent threats
A toe out of line and
we’ll rip you to shreds,
Your cute innocence
will have no effect,
We’re so in it
For all we can get
With plastic smiles,
saccharin sweet
Flattery pour,
every time we meet
Get your head in the clouds,
so you come crashing down
Flailing and broken,
down to the ground
You can run and hide,
scream and cry,
But help will never, ever come by
When you think your finally safe,
from prying eyes
Out of the woods,
steered clear of the ice,
It’s almost funny,
How you’re delusionally wrong
We’ve been watching you
All along;
And so you lose all hope,
You have nowhere to go
Except one place,
The one you’d never known
The glasswalls divide,
to let you in
Now we’re a team,
and we’ll find our next kill.


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